NJ Chapter January Meeting THIS SATURDAY JAN 16TH AT 6PM!

Our topic is "Answering the Hard Questions" and here are some of the questions which have come in, that we have asked Barbara Freedgood to talk about. Maybe you or your adopted child have some of the same questions. Come and listen to the answers for some help along your adoption journey. Bring your questions, bring a friend. Hope to see you Saturday evening. SCROLL DOWN TO THE PREVIOUS POST TO GET ALL THE INFO ON THE TIME AND LOCATION OF THE MEETING.
• When will I see my Birthfather again?
• Why can't I live with my brothers?
• Why did my birthmother make an adoption plan?
• How do you know when your child is old enough to meet a birth parent for the first time?
• How do you explain why birthmother is raising one child but made an adoption plan for your child?
• What language can you use to help your child process and grieve an absentee birth father?
• An internationally adopted child receives a report from a birth family search and asks, “How do I know they are really my parents?”
• When/how do you begin talking about white privilege with your black child?
• My children never bring up questions about adoption or their adoption? Is this normal?