Next meeting - January 17th!

Happy New year! Now that it's January, we want to remind you that our January meeting is coming up soon on January 17th. SPECIAL TIME 2:30-4:30 pm - SPECIAL LOCATION Ridgewood Public Library. Learn all about NJ's new adoption law. We are excited about this collaboration between the NJCARE, the Ridgewood Public Library, and APC. There will be a special screening of “A Simple Piece of Paper,” a video about the release of birth records for adoptees in Illinois. Pam Hasegawa from NJCARE, who was instrumental in getting a similar law passed in NJ, will be with us to talk about the video and the NJ law.

Some important links to explore:
• “A Simple Piece of Paper" home page
• NJCARE home page
You can get info on this organization and their work.
• Ridgewood Public Library home page
You can get the exact address and scroll down to see the announcement of this event with a detailed flyer.

Scroll further down this page to see our regular flyer with all the details. Looking forward to seeing you there.