Insights on our March 15th topic

Amanda Grant to Speak on the Financial Aspects of Adoption 

At our March meeting Amanda Grant, President & CEO of USAdopt, LLC is going to give her presentation, “An Adoption For Every Budget.” I talked to Amanda recently to find out a little more about Amanda and this hot topic. 

Lorraine: I mentioned in the lead-in to the meeting flyer [below this interview], that when you gave this presentation at the conference, it was standing room only. Why do you think this is such a popular topic?

Amanda: Perceived and real expenses are often the first obstacle, the first reason, why people don’t pursue, or give up on, adoption as a way to build their families. They are intrigued by the concept of an “affordable” adoption. I guarantee everyone who attends, will walk away with knowledge they didn’t have before about how this can be affordable.

Lorraine: When we were chatting at the NJ holiday party, you mentioned that you enjoy giving this particular presentation.

Amanda: Yes, I enjoy giving this presentation because, I have found in one hour, I can change the course of people’s lives. I’ve had people come up to me afterwards and tell me that they now believe they can do this.

Lorraine: In the description of this presentation, you say you will talk about “creative fundraising.” Can you give us one example of a creative fundraising idea?

Amanda: You need to think of your gifts and what you have to offer people. I have one client who is a musician, and she is holding a concert and selling tickets to raise money for her adoption.

Lorraine: Is this a presentation just for pre adopt parents? Are there points in your presentation that would be valuable for post adopt families also?

Amanda: This presentation is good for people who are just beginning to think about adoption, those who are mid-process, and for those who have finalized in the last year. The pre adopt parents not only need to prepare for the adoption process, but also for after the adoption – the rest of your family life. For those who have recently adopted, tax season is coming and you can find out about the multiple credits that are available to you.

I want to thank Amanda for taking the time to give us more insight on what she will be sharing on March 15th. I know I am more excited to hear her speak, and I hope you are too. Be sure to join us for this very informative talk. Lorraine Perry, APC NJ chapter president