NJ meeting May 21st - final meeting of the year!

This is a great meeting for both pre and post adopt parents! Come and meet Laura Perry and re-energize your relationships especially the parent-child relationship. Visit her website http://www.extraordinaryparentcoaching.com to learn more. Come and experience face to face support from real people. APC provides the support that you just can't get from the internet. Usual time - usual place - get all the details on the flyer below. Members of all APC chapters invited. Not a member yet? Come and check us out!

NJ Chapter March Meeting SATURDAY MARCH 19TH AT 6PM!

We had a terrific response to our January meeting! Join us this coming Saturday as our board members share their experiences and invite you to share your experiences and questions. Both pre and post adopt parents will benefit from "The Exchange." We are asking you to RSVP for this meeting to mpnassan@verizon.net and let us know you'll be attending and what questions you might have.

NJ Chapter January Meeting THIS SATURDAY JAN 16TH AT 6PM!

Our topic is "Answering the Hard Questions" and here are some of the questions which have come in, that we have asked Barbara Freedgood to talk about. Maybe you or your adopted child have some of the same questions. Come and listen to the answers for some help along your adoption journey. Bring your questions, bring a friend. Hope to see you Saturday evening. SCROLL DOWN TO THE PREVIOUS POST TO GET ALL THE INFO ON THE TIME AND LOCATION OF THE MEETING.
• When will I see my Birthfather again?
• Why can't I live with my brothers?
• Why did my birthmother make an adoption plan?
• How do you know when your child is old enough to meet a birth parent for the first time?
• How do you explain why birthmother is raising one child but made an adoption plan for your child?
• What language can you use to help your child process and grieve an absentee birth father?
• An internationally adopted child receives a report from a birth family search and asks, “How do I know they are really my parents?”
• When/how do you begin talking about white privilege with your black child?
• My children never bring up questions about adoption or their adoption? Is this normal?


Make a resolution to be at our January 16th meeting!

This is a must attend meeting for both pre and post adopt parents! Barbara Freedgood is both an adoption professional and an adoptive parent. You can visit the adoption support page on her website to learn more about her along with watching videos to hear her speak.  http://www.barbarafreedgood.com/adoption-support.htm The topic she will speak on is "Answering the Hard Questions." And you are invited - and encouraged - to send in your questions ahead of time to help Barbara plan her talk to be exactly what you want to hear about. Just email your questions to newjersey@adoptiveparents.org and we will forward your questions to Barbara. See the flyer below for all the details.

NJ Pumpkin Picking Family Outing

Come spend an afternoon with fellow APC members at Sun High Orchards in Randolph on Sunday, October 25th. The farm is open from 9am til 6pm. Come early if you would like, but plan to meet up at the picnic area around 12:30pm to have lunch together. There are limited lunch items, drinks, and snacks available at the farm market, or you can bring your own lunch with you! Activities include: a hayride to the orchard to pick apples, barnyard animals, and pony rides. Be sure to check their website for directions, full details, and a coupon. http://www.sunhigh.com

Combined Meeting and Family Social Event!

To welcome everyone back we are combining our first meeting of the year with our first family social event. This is our 3rd annual "Welcome Back" family social. There will be activities and a movie for the kids, and during the movie, the adults will gather for either a pre-adopt workshop with lead by one of our members or a roundtable discussion on Adoption and School. See the flyer for all the details. YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER by going to the following link http://goo.gl/forms/0nstV8kuBq, emailing newjesrsey@adoptiveparents.org or calling 201-301-2816. Hope you can make it.


A wonderful evening, a good beginning

Thanks to Stefani and to all who attended and contributed to our discussion at our May 16th meeting. 

It is a difficult topic for sure, but it was made easier by an excellent facilitator and a group of people committed to doing the best for their children - and all children.

And as the subject line says - it's only a beginning. We hope to keep the discussion going in formal settings such as a meeting like we had or through small groups or email exchanges. If it's important to our members, it's important to APC. Let us know what we can do.


Next General Meeting

May 16th is our final meeting of the year. Please join us for a thought-provoking discussion topic: Black & White: Transracial Parenting in a Racially Charged Society. This is a topic many of our members have been requesting and we were able to find excellent leaders to share their experiences and guide us through understanding this complex and sensitive subject. We encourage members from all chapters, both pre and post adopt, to join us. You can find all the details on the flyer below.

What a fun day!

Our Day At the Farm was a great success! It was so nice to catch up with all the families who attended. It's amazing how much all our little ones grew during that long, cold winter! Many thanks to Maureen and Bob for designing the flyer and getting it out to our members, to Ron for taking care of the registrations, and especially to Laura for taking care of everything else connected with the day!

Family Social Event!

A Day At the Farm

This is such an enjoyable day, we have made it an annual event! See all the details on the flyer below. You can use this link to register. http://goo.gl/forms/OLFa9nMfgD This is a members only event. We always welcome new members. In addition to the $10 per person over 2, the new member fee is $75 per family. Please call if you have any questions - 201-301-2816. We hope to see you there!