February 6 - Success Stories Night

Meeting Location: Church of St. Jude, 3606 Lufberry Avenue, Wantagh, NY

6:30 PM: New Member Orientation, Pre and Post Support Groups/Networking

7:15 PM: Chapter Business, Welcome New Children, Raffle

8:00 Success Stories 

For our February meeting we will be featuring a “Success Stories Night.” Rather than breaking up into small groups and attending workshops with a guest speaker, several of our families will present their success stories.  After all the participating families give a brief overview of their adoption journey, members will have the opportunity to sit down with the family they most relate to for a more in depth discussion.  We aim to have families that represent a number of different adoption situations.  Currently scheduled are families who have adopted in the following situations:

·      adopting “twins” (children very close in age from different birth mothers);

·      adopting after a failed situation;

·      adopting multiple children from the same birth family;

·      domestic private adoption – happened quickly;

·      domestic private adoption – long wait;

·      open adoption agreements;

·      same sex partners;

·      adopting as a single.

Last year’s “Success Stories Night” was a big success and we hope to see many members attend again this year.


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