Meeting Location:  Church of St. Jude; 3606 Lufberry Avenue;  Wantagh, NY

     6:30 PM - New Member Orientation, Pre & Post Support Groups/Networking

     7:30 PM - General Meeting: Chapter Business, Welcome New Children, Raffle

     8:00 PM - Workshops


PRE-ADOPT:Everything You Wanted to Know About Independent Domestic Adoption
Guest Speaker: Faith Rousso, Esq. Adult Adoptee

Successful private adoptions made in a safe, ethical manner are attainable. This session will provide a detailed discussion of the process and common pitfalls and situations all prospective adoptive parents need to watch out for when pursuing an independent domestic adoption. Learn about the steps to pre-certification and be prepared to ask questions.

PRE/POST-ADOPT: What To Expect When Adopting Trans-racially and Trans-culturally Guest Speaker: Missy Carvin, APC Board Member and Adoptive Parent

This workshop will address the issues that occur when adopting across racial and cultural lines. The presenter will discuss what it may mean in your child’s life, from personal and family perspectives to societal aspects. How to answer the “Is that you child’?  question… to “How do I take care of the hair”? Attendees will gain an understanding of possible concerns and leave with less apprehension.


If the other worskhops offerd don't apply to you, please come and talk with others in your situation.  This is an open discssion group - a great place to get (and give) support in an intimate setting to others who are in the process or have already adopted.

SPECIAL: We will be having a "Book Share" for kids books about adoption.  Members are asked to bring children's books about adoption that they have to let other members know what books are good for various ages and situations. 

 CHILDREN'S RELIEF COLLECTION: We will be collecting toiletries and gift cards to Target or Walmart (or money to purchase gift cards) for Little Flower Children's Service in Wading River.


June 6: Candlelighting

August 31 - September 2: Club Getaway in Kent, CT Mini-week    $304/Adult; $216/Child

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