Adoption Scams and 10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask Your Adoption Attorney 

 Guest Speaker: Aaron Britvan Esq. Adoption Attorney, Adoptive Parent

Which are the most important questions to ask and what basic information do you need when you begin a relationship with your attorney? Points to be covered will include: setting up an 800 telephone number, maximizing your ad budget, how to talk to a birth mother and identifying potential scams. Successful domestic, independent adoptions made in a safe, ethical manner are attainable.  Learn about the process and come prepared to voice your concerns, share your thoughts and ask questions. 

School Days: Speaking to your Young Children about Adoption 

Guest Speaker: Ellen Murphy- Hackett LMSW, Adoptive Parent

This workshop will focus on both the child and parent’s concerns during these early years. Learn what children can understand at these early ages and how to explore the issues their child may have. It will also touch on what books to read to them about adoption. Bring your questions.


If the other workshops offered don't apply to you, please come and talk with others in your situation. 

MEETING LOCATION:  Church of St. Jude, 3606 Lufberry Avenue, Wantagh, NY 


6:30 PM – New Member Orientation, Pre and Post Support Groups / Networking

7:30 PM – General Meeting: Chapter Business, Welcome New Children, Raffle

8:00 PM – Workshops