Candlelighting 2012 June 16th

One of APC's most cherished events is our annual Candlelighting.  Each June, we dedicate this special night to the miracle of family.  For our members starting or in the process of adoption, you light a "wish" candle for the child you are waiting for and for members who adopted this year you light a "welcome" candle for the child that joined your family.  The rest of our membership  helps us light candles to remember those children throughout the world still waiting for their forever family, or in dedication to the children whom have already come home to us or even for a special occasion including in memory of someone special.

Whether you just adopted, are in the beginning stages of your journey, or adopted 20 years ago - celebrate with us, invite other family members or friends and light a candle with special meaning for you!

Remember, Candlelighting is a current APC member event, if you have not renewed your membership now is the time to do so.  Look for your invitation in the mail in early May and please do not forget to send your family photos to Joe Driscoll to ensure you're included in our multimedia presentation of APC families showcased during our Candlelighting ceremony.