LI November 10, 2012 Meeting CANCELLED

Due to the on-going weather, power and gasoline issues plaguing our area, we have determined that canceling the meeting this Saturday night would be in everyone's best interests,  Currently, we are unable to determine the availability of our normal meeting location as they are unreachable and our backup location is without power.  We truly regret both the inconvenience and the loss of our workshops this week.
Remember we are always here for you.  You can call or e-mail us at anytime.  We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.
In addition, please don't forget to renew your membership as the cutoff for acceptance of renewals is November 15.
The conference is quickly approaching; we hope you will join us at St. Francis on November 18.
Remember to check our website for more info.
Wishing you all well during this difficult time.
Karen Wasserman    631-335-5158
Caryl Deiches    516-697-2024