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Support Group

Following the Pre-Adopt, we will holding a Support Group Meeting at 8 PM on January 20th, at the Betty Taubert Girl Scout House, at 37 Wayside Lane, Scarsdale, NY.  The Support Group is a perfect opportunity to meet members of our community, listen, share, and provide support for each other.  It is open to both pre- and post-adopt families.  Perhaps you are brand new to the idea of adoption, and want to hear from other families who have gone through the process.  Or you're waiting for your child to come home, or don't know how to ask some of the tough questions your child has been asking about adoption, or you're thinking about adoption again.  Whether you're a newbie, or your kids are 20, the Support Group Meeting is meant for you.  The Support Group is free, and requires no RSVP, so we hope to see you there!