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September 26th - Westchester Support Group Meeting

Please join us for our new Support Group format meeting on September 26th at 7:00 PM at the Betty Taubert Girl Scout House at 37 Wayside Lane, Scarsdale, NY.  This meeting is particularly oriented towards pre-adopt families who are planning on adopting, or who are waiting for their child to arrive, and is also geared towards post-adopt familes who have questions regarding parenting issues, or who want to offer support to pre-adopt families.  So, come prepared with any questions or concerns you might have, and share your thoughts in an open and accepting environment with like-minded people who share your perspective and experiences.  We will also be discussing the schedule for the rest of the year, as we are planning a wide variety of meetings and social events, and we would like to hear your ideas.  The support group will be preceded by a Pre-Adopt Orientation at 6:00 PM at the same location, so if you would like to preregister for that event, please email hudsonct@adoptiveparents.org.  We hope to see you soon!