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May 9th Westchester Meeting - Typical and Non-Typical Child Development

Our next Westchester meeting will take place on May 9th at 7:15 pm at the Betty Taubert Girl Scout House in Scarsdale.  The topic will be: Typical and Non-Typical Child Development, rescheduled from Februray. It just so happens that our co-president Liz Scafidi is a clinical psychologist and a former college lecturer on infant and child development.  Liz will present on typical vs non-typical development and milestones, and when to consult with professionals for assessment or treatment.  Every parent has questions about their child's development; this is an opportunity to learn important information and empower yourself as your child's advocate.  Beginning at 6:45 pm, there will also be a Pre-Adopt Orientation.  To register for the pre-adopt, please email: hudsonct@adoptiveparents.org