Program Journal Advertisement 2019

Program Journal Advertisement 2019

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$100 discount when ordering an Exhibit Table + Full Page Journal Ad. Use Discount Code “JOURNAL” at checkout.

Advertisements may contain business or personal messages.

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For questions, contact Barbara Pitkowsky at: 212-304-8479

Advertisement requirements- Artwork will be accepted in the following formats: Clean high resolution laser printouts, an original business card or other clean original printed copy, electronic file formatted in Quark, Express, Adobe I Illustrator In-design DNA CD with all fonts and picture files included. A print optimized PDF file, EPS or TIFF file is preferred. If ad contains photos, they must be an 100 Line Screen. Do not send negatives. Advertisements NOT in a required format may incur additional charges. For more information on these additional charges, please contact Barbara Pitkowsky at the email address listed below. ALL CONTRIBUTIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE AS ALLOWED BY LAW.  APC RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REJECT ANY ADVERTISEMENT FOR ANY REASON.

Please e-mail ads by October 1, 2018 to Barbara Pitkowsky at: