Post Adoption Services – TANF Funding 

We need your HELP. The funding for Post Adoption Services – TANF Funding  (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) in New York State may well be drastically reduced this year, when the final budget is eventually passed in the coming weeks or months.   

As it presently stands, the New York State Senate’s budget resolution has restored 100% of the TANF Funding, but the Assembly’s resolution may only restore 60% of the funding.  Currently, both the Senate and the Assembly are negotiating this issue as part of the overall State budget.  

While budget negotiations between both houses are still continuing, we implore you to contact the following key legislators in the Assembly.  PLEASEPLEASE tell them that you are an adoption advocate and a member of the Adoptive Parent’s Committee and you would like them to restore 100% of the TANF Funding for current TANF Post-Adoption Programs.

We have included the names of the key Assembly legislators along with their addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers and committee’s they sit on.  Let your voice be heard.  A sample letter follows describing the issue in greater detail.  Please feel free to use this in your written correspondence, e-mail correspondence or conversation with the Assemblymember’s office. 

Thank you on behalf of APC’s Legislative Awareness Committee.