Keynote Speaker

Kim Stevens

Kim Stevens works for NACAC (THE North American Council on Adoptable Children) as project manager for the Jockey-funded Community Champions Network. The mission of CCN is to support communities in building advocacy coalitions to establish effective post adoption support services. Through this work, Kim travels across the United States and Canada, facilitating community forums, seminars, and training on a host of adoption-related topics. Sharing research and best-practice models, Kim engages the participants in creating an advocacy agenda and development plans for creating, enhancing, and maintaining effective post-adoption supports that meet the needs of their families and children. Since 2009 Kim has been working in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and through a variety of venues has connected with parents, professionals, and community members in the project. She has provided training on parent leadership development, mentoring programs, adolescent permanency, openness in adoption, trauma and recovery, adoption competency, youth advocacy and engagement, building coalitions, and more.

Prior to her work for NACAC, Kim was at Massachusetts Families for Kids, where she advanced from part-time Family Advocacy Coordinator to Co-Director of MFFK in six years time.

Kim established the Speak Out Team, a nationally recognized model for youth advocacy and awareness raising. She also launched the Lifelong Families for Adolescents initiative with the Massachusetts Department of Social Services and assisted in successful advocacy for post-adoption services in Massachusetts. She and her husband, Buddy have six children, four of whom were adopted from the U.S. public foster care system.