2012 Workshops

9:00 - 10:15 AM Keynote Speaker: Holly Van Gulden, Adoption Counselor, Founders Hall Auditorium



Session I
10:45 – 11:45 am

Session II
12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

Session III
1:45pm - 2:45 pm

Session IV
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Session V
4:15 pm - 5:15 pm



Successful Domestic Adoptions - Agency or Independent Placement

Independent Domestic Adoption 101

Nina Rumbold, Esq
Denise Seidelman, Esq

Relationships with Birthfamilies Before and After Placement

Joy Goldstein, LCSW

Birthparent Panel

Joy Goldstein, LCSW, Moderator

Independent Adoption
What to Expect Before, During & After Placement

Rebecca Mendel, Esq



Preparing Children to Answer Questions About Adoption

Holly van Gulden, Keynote Speaker

Parenting Over 40

Rita Taddonio, LCSW

Successful Independent Adoption

Michael Goldstein, Esq

Adoption and the Schools

Rita Taddonio, LCSW

The Angry Child

Holly van Gulden-Keynote Speaker



International Adoption 101

Susan Orban

The Experience of Open Adoption - Panel Discussion

Dawn Smith-Pliner, Moderator

The Adopted Child in Middle Childhood

Holly van Gulden-Keynote Speaker.

Adoption Advertising in NY & NJ-Using the Internet

Robin Fleischner, Esq. & Deborah Steincolor, Esq.

International Agency Panel





What are the Long-Term Issues for Internationally Adopted Children?

Dr. Jane Aronson, FAAP

Parenting 101

Dr Jane Aronson, FAAP

Advertising & Networking

Jeanine Castagna, Esq.

Domestic Adoption Across State Lines

Karen Foley, Esq.

Is it More Difficult for Same Sex Couples & Singles to Adopt?  NO!

Michael Goldstein, Esq

Debbie Wolf Esq




Successful Independent Adoption

Aaron Britvan, Esq

International Paperwork USCIS & State Department

Children Around the World

USCIS & State Department

Adoption Scams and Warning Signs

Aaron Britvan, Esq.

Transracial Parenting in Foster Care

Maris H. Blechner, M Ed, LCSW       




Russian Adoption in 2012-2013 is Still a Great Option

Larisa Mason

The Adoption Homestudy in New York and New Jersey

Kathy Brodsky, LCSW

New Jersey Private and Identified Adoption

Robin Fleischner, Esq. & Cathy McNee

Developmental Issues in Adoption - Ages and Stages

Lisa Schuman, LCSW.

Independent Advertising on the Internet

Cynthia DiMiceli





A Comprehensive Approach to Adoption Advertising

Joseph Driscoll

How to Help Children with Adoption Issues

Ages 7 - 12

Joni Mantell, LCSW     

Communicating with Birthparents Before, During and After the Adoption

Joni Mantell, LCSW 

Marni Denenberg LCSW

 Post Adoption Contracts - Are They Working?

Dawn Smith-Pliner

Nina Rumbold Esq

 How to Be Selected by Expectant Mothers Gestational Carriers and Egg Donors

Deborah Steincolor, Esq




Birthparents: Myths & Realities

Amy Silverman, LMSW

10 Reasons to Visit a Pediatrician Before an Adoption

Paul Lee, MD

An Adoption For Every Budget

Amanda Grant

How to Plan & Protect Your Child's Future

Herb Pitkowsky, Esq.

The Spectrum of Open Adoption 

 Tamara Christ MSW



Growing Up Within a Transracial Adoption

Zack Fried

Domestic Adoption: Tips on Writing Adoptive Parents’ Profiles

Cynthia DiMiceli

Child Raising is Never Easy- Using a Positive Parenting Approach

Dr .Laura Markham, Ph. D.

Making the Adoption Homestudy a Positive Experience

Ellen Murphy-Hackett, LMSW

Adoptive Mothers and Daughters: The Face has Two Mirrors

LeAnne Jaffe, LCSW




 The Basic How-To's of a Well-Planned Domestic Infant Adoption

Dawn Smith - Pliner

Raising Adopted Children in Jewish Families

Dina Rosenfeld, DSW

Advertising for Independent Adoption on the Web

Joseph Driscoll

Adopting Across Racial Lines

Andrea Troy, LCSW  

Is This Adoption Situation Right for Me?

Karen Foley, Esq. 



Single Parent Adoption 101        Karen Wasserman

Domestic Adoption: Agency vs Independent

Rebecca Mendel, Esq. & Marni Denenberg, LCSW

Adopting as a Single Parent

Faith Getz Rousso ESQ

Adult Adoptee Panel

Becca Leitman MSW, Moderator

Infant Adoption: Is it Possible? Are They Healthy?

Michele Fried       




 All Roads Lead Home: Domestic and International Adoption

Kathy Brodsky, LCSW

Why Kids Do What They Do: When Do I Need To Seek Professional Help?

Fadi Haddad, MD

Help – My Kid is Talking About Reuniting with her Birthparents

Leanne Jaffe, MA, LMSW    

 Understanding and Coping with Challenging Behavior in Adoptees

All Ages

LeAnne Jaffe, MA, LCSW 

In the Eyes of One Adoptee

Zack Fried




 New Jersey Adoptions

Debra Steincolor, Esq & Lorraine Kolankowski, LCSW

How to Communicate with Your Child’s Birth Family, Before & After Placement

Christine Letizia

Young Adult Adoptee Panel

Sam Pitkowsky, Moderator

Raising Your Family of Biological and Adopted Children

Carolyn N. Berger, LCSW   

Great Expectations: Are They Holding You Back?

Stella Gilgur Cook, LCSW, & Katie Foley, MSW




 The Adoption Homestudy: A Positive & Informative Experience

Connie Mancini-Haack, LCSW

Be Attachable! A Discussion on Attachment, Bonding & the Role Parents Play

Stella Gilgur-Cook, LCSW & Susan Orban

Paths to Parenthood

Lisa Schuman, LCSW       

Myths & Fears in Open Adoption

Michele Fried

Adopting in New Jersey

Terry Petrone, BA       




Mindful Parenting Through the Stages of Child Development

Sara Barris, Psy.D.

Exploring Transracial Adoption – The Shift from Color Blind to Color Conscious

Michele Fried

The Hague Treaty 101 & International Homestudy

Lorraine Kolankowski, LCSW

Medical & Development Issues for Children Adopted From Abroad

Paul Lee, MD

 Empowering Parents to Be Agents of Healing

Jana Leonard LSW




How to Talk to Your Child about Adoption From Infancy to Age Six

Joni Mantell, LCSW

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD) in International Adoptees

Boris Gindis, Ph.D.

When Liberal is not Enough… Parenting Your Adopted Child-of-Color in a Race Conscious World

Bob Bamman, LCSW & Jessica Rowell 

Role of Birth Parent Relastionships in  Foster Care Adoptions

Jana Leonard MSW & Ana Maria Leon Gomez Matute

Breastfeeding Your Adopted Child     - Yes You Can!

Catherine Ruvolo & Nina Rumbold, Esq.        




Adoption or Surrogacy: First Steps in Making the Decision

Robin Fleischner, Esq. & Rebecca Mendel, Esq.

Adoption From a Man's Point of View - For Men Only

Sam Wojnilower, LCSW

Post-Orphanage Behavior in Internationally Adopted Children - What to Expect

Boris Gindis, Ph.D.

Choosing the Method of Adoption That Works for You

Connie Mancini Haack, LCSW

10 Questions You Wanted to Ask Your Attorney But Were Afraid to Ask

Denise Seidelman Esq





Infertility to Adoption:

The Journey

Anne Malave, Ph.D.

Single Minded Concerns

Andrea Troy, LCSW

Special Needs Adoption and Your Child’s Right to Subsidy

Sarah Gerstenzang, MSW   


Will She Really Love Us? Will We Really Love Her?

Jeannine Zoppi, Ph.D.

 Subject to Change



Foster Adoption 101

Sarah Gerstenzang, MSW

Eileen Lopez, COAC

Help this Child s Making Me Crazy!

Maris Blechner, M Ed, LCSW

Adoption Options - Asia

Gongzhan Wu

 Adoption - Search & Reunion

Wendy Freund, MS Ed., LCSW


Below is a list of some of the topics that will be covered at the 2012 conference.


  • Independent Placement Adoption 
  • Making the Decision to Adopt 
  • International Adoption 
  • Foster Parent Training
  • Preparing for Homestudies 
  • Adoption Agency Programs 
  • Adoption in NY, NJ, CT 
  • Adoption and The Schools
  • Adoption and The Media
  • Self Esteem and Adoption
  • Adoption Legislation 
  • Non-Traditional Adoptions 
  • International Adoption Paperwork 
  • Medical Issues in Adoption 
  • Adopting Over 40 & 50
  • Birth Parent Perspective 
  • Transracial Adoptions 
  • Parenting“Special Needs” Children
  • Discussing Adoption With Your Child 
  • Adoptive Parent Networking 
  • Fears and Fantasies of Adoption 
  • Adult Adoptee Perspectives
  • Child Development
  • Adopting The Waiting Child 
  • Adoption and the Internet